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The Latest News from TTUSD

Dear Parents and Community Members,
We had a full agenda at last night's board meeting and I'd like to share a few important updates from the meeting.

An update and recommendation for the TTUSD Committee to Consider Later Starts for Secondary Schools 

The TTUSD Committee to Consider Later Starts for Secondary Schools was formed in late December of 2018 and consisted of 26 stakeholders. The stakeholders include parents, students, teachers, community members, a DELAC (District English Language Advisory Committee) representative, and administrators, all of whom represent a variety of viewpoints. This balanced committee was tasked with evaluating the potential of changing school start times and to ultimately make a recommendation to the board. Part of their work included surveying parents, middle and high school students, and staff. Thanks to all of you who participated in our survey. At the board meeting, the committee presented a recap of the work their committee completed, including results of their survey, and their comprehensive evaluation.

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