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Each year, the district maintains a pool of substitute personnel to pull from in case a teacher becomes ill, or is participating in an important training. Currently, the district has a shortage of substitute teachers and is actively recruiting.

In an effort to attract high-quality substitute teachers, TTUSD has increased the daily compensation rate for our substitute teachers by $30 from $120 per day to $150 per day. Our retired TTUSD teacher substitute pay has increased to $165 per full teaching day, and long-term substitute pay has increased to $175 per full teaching day. We have also created tiered financial incentives for subs who work 25 days or more in a school year. (see tiers below)

The process to apply to be a substitute at TTUSD is simple. Applicants must have their Bachelor of Arts degree, and we will assist applicants through the substitute permit process. Any interested individuals should contact Dana Walton-Smith for more information at or by calling (530) 582-2503.

The district is also recruiting for staff in the following positions: food services, custodial, instructional assistants, and bus drivers. Each of these positions offers a great opportunity to work with our wonderful students. For more information, please visit our district's website at

Tiered Substitute Bonus Incentive (Paid at Each Increment)
25 days = $50
50 days = $75
75 days = $100
100 days = $125
125 days = $150
150 days = $200
175 days = $250