Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders

Drop off and Pick Up Reminders

  1. Come 5 minutes earlier to reduce congestion right before 9 a.m.
  2. Consider parking along our neighborhood streets and walking to school to avoid the parking lot congestion.
  3. During drop off be ready with a “kiss and go.” The drop off / pick up lane is not a good spot for drivers to get out, open trunks, check cell phones, etc.
  4. Children should exit from the passenger side (right side) of the car, at the curb. This is the safest side and location due to the traffic passing on the left.
  5. During pick up stay with your vehicle and allow your children to come to you. If you prefer to leave your vehicle to meet your children please park in the parking lot and come to the flagpole area to meet them.

Thank you for your help in keeping our parking lot safe.